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Newsletter Deadlines:
Spring - February 27th
Summer - May 18th
Fall - August 13th
Winter - October 13th

What are you missing?

You can download sample issues of HOW Now! from previous years, and at the bottom of this page you can download the cover of one of our 2010 issues that honored a Wildwood soldier killed in Afghanistan.

You won't find every issue archived - only HOW members can receive every issue. Become a member and start receiving HOW Now! as soon as possible.

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HOW Now! Quarterly Newsletter

HOW Now! is published by the Homeowners Organization of Wildwood four times a year. In each issue you'll learn about upcoming events from HOW, the Wildwood Park District and other community groups, HOW programs and Wildwood community news.

Subscribing to the newsletter is about as easy it can be - it's automatically included in your HOW membership. Fill out a membership application and send it in with your annual dues (just $1 a month). Keep the newsletter coming by sending in your renewal dues each year.

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Now you can submit your own articles for the new "Living in Wildwood" section*. Email your article to newsletter producer Marcia Purse. If your local group is holding an event, email an announcement to Marcia. See the newsletter deadlines at right.

HOW Now! also contains advertisements from our sponsors. We hope you'll visit these advertisers and tell them you saw their ads in HOW Now! so they know their advertising dollars are hard at work. Sponsors' ad revenue goes entirely to support HOW, as the newsletter is completely compiled and produced by HOW volunteers.

*Newsletter submissions are subject to editing, and publication is not guaranteed.


HOW Now! is a great way to get your ad out to Wildwood residents. For more information, see Advertising in HOW Now!.

Download Sample Cover Page

Sample HOW Newsletter

Download this sample cover of HOW Now! (PDF) from Fall 2010

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