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Wildwood HOWWelcome to the Homeowners Organization of Wildwood. HOW is organized and operated for the purpose of promoting the civic, educational, economic, social and charitable interests of all neighbors residing in the Wildwood community of Lake County, Illinois.

HOW sponsors a number of community programs. We publish a quarterly newsletter, award an annual scholarship to a deserving Wildwood student, hold an annual community garage sale, and collect food for needy families during our Santa Parade. Year-round you can honor a deserving neighbor with our Pride of Wildwood program and help our members of the military in our Support Our Troops program. In addition, we are a supporter of Wildwood's Neighborhood Watch.

The Wildwood community is a jewel nestled in the area east of Grayslake Illinois. All of tranquil Valley Lake and most of beautiful Gages Lake are in Wildwood. The Wildwood Park District maintains both lakes along with 11 parks. Winding streets take you through well-kept homes, many with beautiful gardens and landscaping. Wildwood is truly a wonderful place to live!

Important Note: HOW receives no tax funding - relying solely on membership dues, newsletter advertisers, fundraisers and donation. HOW is organized and operated by Wildwood residents who volunteer their valuable time and energy. Volunteer!

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